My Experience as a Medium as it Pertains to miscarriages & abortions

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My experience, as a Medium, as it pertains to Miscarriages & Abortions. I’m not saying I’m right or wrong on this. This isn’t meant to get anyone worked up about religious/moral beliefs. It is meant to help people understand a different possibility and release regret that isn’t doing anyone any good. Way before I ever experienced my own miscarriages (yes more than 1), I encountered many women who suffered guilt over the loss of a pregnancy. 99% of the time, this info wasn’t disclosed to me. The children would come through to explain why things went the way they did. Some children were traumatized by wars in past lives & chose not to come into the world because there’s too much war now. Some children knew their parents were sick and wouldn’t be able to get appropriate treatment if they stayed. Some children foresaw life events coming down the pike that weren’t agreeable to what they wanted in life. Some children were being born into bodies that were going to be too limiting. In cases of abortion, I have had several children come through to explain some of the above situations and tell me that THEY couldn’t vacate the pregnancy so they communicated to their mothers to terminate the pregnancy INSTEAD of coming into a situation that wasn’t ideal for their life plans. I have had children who were initially miscarried or aborted, come back around into the same family through siblings, cousins and adoption. A majority of the time, it was when the time was better. I’ve seen children who were “lost” come through as step children years later. So while you think you will never know that baby, you may have had them all along. For me personally, My first miscarriage was due to a past life issue where I couldn’t get along with my potential daughter’s mother from her last lifetime. This woman was going to be my daughters mother in law in the potential future. It wasn’t ideal for my daughter that there be this friction, so she opted out after I got into an argument with this woman. My second miscarriage was due to the baby’s body being that of a downs syndrome child. Do we have any medical proof of this? No, but it was felt by myself, my mother & a mentor all on separate occasions. It wasn’t ideal for whatever reason. What’s it all for? These miscarriages have prompted genetic testing that has discovered my body doesn’t metabolize Folic Acid, which wouldn’t affect a pregnancy, but would more than likely lead to a child with severe brain issues. So maybe my experiences were all for this information. Basically, there is a purpose, there is a reason for all of our loss. The children you think you lost, may have just come into your life at a different time or through a different channel. Like I said, this is just my experience as a Medium. I am merely a channel for Healing. Things are not always what they seem. Take Peace from this if you can.


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