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What’s it all about…this River of Life we judge ourselves by? When I was 10, I was visiting my grandparents and had something HORRIFIC happen. I got my period. I whispered to my mom, she cried, she whispered to my grandma and she ran (as fast as she could with a cane) and blurted out my private business to my old school Italian grandfather. I was severely traumatized as you can imagine. Fast forward through Puberty…As my dad would say as he awkwardly hugged me, “It’s the steroids in the beef we fed her.” As you can imagine, being one of the first girls to have to “go to the nurse’s office in middle school” was mortifying. Then we get to my High school years….Let me be very blunt about this. It was the greatest gift from GOD when I got my period! My life was still MY OWN for another month! While I wasn’t a “bad kid” I certainly wasn’t an innocent angel. Then comes college. Not as worried anymore, it’s a minor inconvenience. I’ve got the hang of controlling this….Into my 20’s it’s a balancing act, many decisions to make around the flow of the River of Life. Mainly, will this affect my vacation plans? In the background… Should I let the River flow by it’s own will and maybe start a family… will this affect this business trip…how will this affect my career…..Is my marriage ready for this… Then I get sick….The River of Life is vital for my own life. If I don’t get my period, my body is too fragile to sustain a pregnancy and I could die. Where would that leave this new life and the lives of my loved ones? Boom! One day the River of Life stops flowing. There’s a baby coming~ Then, the River of Life overflows and Floods my world with the remnants of a failed dream. Now….a total change from my previous years. Every month that River of Life shows up, is a representation of another month of my life gone with the tide. This River that has ruled my life I see in my elders now. My future laid out before me. These women, strong, beautiful, amazing women… still ruled by The River of Life. It comes it goes…. nobody knows. It embarrasses, it worries. It won’t stop….what does that mean??? The River Of Life is at the core of our being. It can empower, it can destroy, it can create or kill our joy. The only thing that is certain, is that sometimes, we all wished we could have been a boy!


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